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Tula Carrier: Standard vs. Toddler

The question I get most often in regards to the Tula baby carriers is whether to get a standard/baby size or a toddler one. I figured that it was high time for a blog post regarding this very issue as I'm sure there are more of you out there who are wondering the same thing.

The Tula website recommends not using the toddler size until your child is 18 months old and/or roughly 25 pounds. But many with bigger babies who are at the 20+ pound mark but not quite 18 months old yet are unsure about whether to go with the standard or get the toddler and presumably get more use out of it. Though the toddler carrier starts at 25 pounds, the baby one will still last you through til your child is over 40 pounds. I've taken some comparison photos using my daughter as the model so you can get a sense of the difference in the standard and toddler sizes on the same child.

standard vs toddler-web

Toddler Tula-5yrs

In this photo, my daughter is 22 months old, 25 lbs., and 33" tall. Though she fit comfortably in the standard and still had a decent "M" seat, the toddler Tula was a more comfortable fit and what I would choose in this situation. It felt much lighter carrying her weight in the toddler than it did in the standard. And then just for kicks, I tried my 5 year old on in it too. ;o) He wasn't so keen on being worn, but he definitely still fit and didn't feel horribly heavy in it (he is 40 lbs.).

For those who are into the specifics, I've laid the carriers on top of each other and taken their exact measurements. See photo below.

Overall, the Tula is a fantastic carrier and definitely my personal favourite. It comes in a wide range of fashionable and attractive prints, so there really is something for everyone. We receive shipments frequently, so if there is a print you have your eye on that you don't see available, please feel free to send me an email or message me through our Facebook page. I would love to help you find your dream Tula!

tula side by side

March 26, 2014 by 1
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Monique C

Monique C said:

Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been looking for a side-by-side comparison!


Angela said:

I have a 19 month old who is on the small side – around the 19 pound mark and petite. Her height is average.

I’m not sure if I should get a standard or toddler size… Or how long it would take her to grow out of a standard.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


Becky said:

Glad to have found your post as was wondering if I should get toddler or standard. I already have a Moby sling and a Boba wrap so was thinking the toddler might be best since I can keep my son in either of those until he’s big enough for the toddler size. Thanks for the great post!

Shaheen Joshi

Shaheen Joshi said:

Do you also sell the tula infant insert? Or does it come with the tula standard?


admink said:

the infant insert is an accessory to the standard Tula. the link to the item is here:


shay said:

Im interested in getting a tula!
my question is, is there any way of getting one for both my 4.5month old(just hit 15lbs) and 2.5 year old(32lbs)?
any other suggestions?



admin said:

hi shay!
i’d suggest getting a standard size Tula so that both your little ones would fit in it comfortably. if you get a toddler size Tula, it will be quite a while before you can wear your younger child in it. the standard will fit them both now.

Tamara Witcher

Tamara Witcher said:

Great article!


Eli said:

My baby is 1yr old and 29in tall, wich one is better for us?


admin said:

Hi Eli,
The standard size would be the better fit for your child.


Heather said:

I just got a standard tula carrier. I was very excited about it as my other carrier has started to hurt my shoulders. My baby has just hit the 15 pound mark but I’m not sure if I should be using the carrier yet because her knees don’t reach the edge of the carrier. Can you tell me how I know if she’s really big enough to be in the carrier?


admin said:

hi heather, sorry i missed your comment. it’s hard for me to be able to tell about fitting without seeing it for myself. you can send me a photo of your baby in the tula if you’d like me to check about fitting for you.


Emily said:

Hi my baby 16months 22lbs and 29 inches. What size would you recommend I would also like to occasionally carry my 4 year old for short trips but would like to bye one. Thanks


Janae said:

Hi I am debating between the standard and the toddler size. My boy is 9 1/2 months. 24+ pounds and 30" or so.


Steph said:

I have a two year old who is slim and 22 lbs 27 inches my son 9 mth old 19 lbs and 26 .. I already have an ergo look at the toddler one as we hike alot.. What would u recommend standard or toddler


yenny said:


My son is 32pound and 42 inch tall. Can he still fit the toddler size? TQ


Jill said:

I know this post is kind of old, but thank you SO much for writing it!! I haven’t found anything else giving this kind of straight comparison and since they are pricey, you want to make sure you buy the right one! Thank you!!!


Jesica said:

My daughter is 22 months old, 31.5" tall and about 22 lbs….will the toddler size be too big? I would like to use it in about 2 months and am torn with which size to purchase.


admin said:

thanks for all the comments. i’ve replied via email for the most recent ones. just a reminder that the toddler tula is quite a bit bigger than the standard. you should wait until your child is at least 32" tall before moving them to the toddler size as you won’t be able to get a proper fit until that point. the toddler tula can be worn til your child is about 50 lbs.


Kristina said:

I am currently pregnant and looking for a great carrier! I have a two and a half year old and realize it would be difficult to get a carrier that would work well for both an older toddler and an infant. Wondering if you have ever tried the Free to Grow extenders on the standard Tula? I am curious how much further a standard Tula could take you with the extenders as they offer more leg support. How much of a factor does back height of a carrier play in support? I would like to know if purchasing a standard Tula with the Free to Grow extenders would allow me to use the carrier at different times for both my infant and older toddler. Thanks!


Jackie said:

My son is 8 months old, and is very big for his age. He’s in 18 month clothes, and is 30", and 21lbs. Right now, I have a different brand carrier that’s ergonomic. It recently started being too tight around his leg, and was starting to cut off circulation.

Should I be looking in to toddler size? I would rather wait a month or two and get one that fits than have to get two within a year. As adorable as tulas are, they are expensive! I appreciate you help, thank you.


Stephanie said:

Hi! My son is 22 months, 26.5 pounds and about 33 inches. I have a standard tula and I’m now wondering if buying the lex extension for toddler (much cheaper solution!!) or the toddler carrier…How long do you think I can carry him with the standard carrier (using the leg extension)? Thanks and great post!

Bunny perez

Bunny perez said:


My daughter is 22 pounds 29" and 8 months idk if to go with the toddler or standard. She’s a chubby baby

m lim

m lim said:

my 4-month old weighs 9 kgs. im trying to figure out what Tula should I buy (Toodler / Standard). I want to be able to maximize its usage til he’s about 2 y.o.


heather said:

My son is off the charts in height and was 30.5 inches tall at his 9 month app. He is almost 11 months and i havent measured him yet. I have a standard and im scared he will fall out of it because he is so tall. Should i get a toddler size?


Anna said:

Thank you for this post! It was extremely helpful!


Brittany said:

can the infant insert be used in the toddler Tula?

Michelle clarke

Michelle clarke said:

Thank you for posting this! I just got a toddler Tula for my son. Ideally I would’ve gotten a standard, but I won a raffle to buy and wasn’t going to pass it up. My son just turned a year and is at 27.5lbs and almost 31". He is comfortable to wear and he seems comfortable in it, but I know the bottom of the panel is hair a hair too big. Is there anything I can do to boost him up so we can use it? Can I send a picture of him in it to get an additional opinion on the fit? Thanks!


admin said:

sorry for the delay in responding to post comments. for a quicker response, please use the ‘contact us’ page.

the infant insert is not designed for use in the toddler tula. it would not be advisable to use something to bump up your child in a carrier that is too big for them for safety reasons.


admin said:

m lim: i just tried sending you an email, but the email address was incorrect. i’m pasting the response here in case you check back on this page.

Don’t know if you’ve already purchased a Tula carrier, but I would absolutely not advise you to go with the toddler size at this point. Even with the standard size, you can still get lots of use out of it and it will be an appropriate fit for your child. He is still much too small to be in the toddler size. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Vivienne said:

Which would you recommend for 10kg and 80cm tall at 21 months old? Is th toddler carrier good at this stage as baby hasn’t hit the minimum weight for the toddler carrier yet.


Michelle said:

My son is 25lbs and I was thinking of getting the toddler one but we are trying for a second and I would like to us it with the new baby eventually…What would you suggest?


Goldina said:

What is the minimum weight requirement for Tula toddler. My daughter is only 18lbs for 32.5" height. Would it be too big for her??

Jessica Chua

Jessica Chua said:

Hi, I’m still currently thinking should I get a std or toddler tula for my girl whom is 24mths. Weight 10.7kg


Izlin said:

Which would you recommend for 10kg and 75cm tall at 13 months old? Is the toddler carrier or standard carrier suitable for my son?


Mariah said:

My son is 9 months he is 21 pounds and 29 inches. Would a toddler size be better for him? I’d like it to last a long time.


ruth said:


I am actually a bit confuse if I will buy the standard size or the toddler obe.

My baby is 17 months old, 29" in height and approximately 11kg.

Please help me.



Jayma said:

hello, my daughter is 22 months weighing about 27 pounds and roughly 34inches, would the toddler size work comfortably for her?


Edele said:

Hi, I currently have a standard tula, my son is now 20 months, i’ve seen that you can get a toddler converter for a standard but im not sure if this would be safe for him or if to just buy a toddler tula? all help would be great

Edele xx


Kathryn said:

Hi my little one is 2 years old, roughly 22 pounds and 34 inches. I’m assuming I should go for a standard but could you let me know if I’m wrong. Thank you very much.


Amber said:

I’ve been looking into tulas. My daughter is about 31 inches tall and weighs about 23 lbs. I want to get one for her but for our next child too. Can a infant insert be used in the toddler tula? If I was to get one which should I get? I can’t afford to buy 2 different ones.


Amber said:

I’ve been looking into tulas. My daughter is about 31 inches tall and weighs about 23 lbs. I want to get one for her and for our next child too. Can you use a infant insert in the toddler tula? What would be best for us? I can’t afford to buy two.


Rachel said:

My little love is 10 mths & 24 1/2 lbs & 29 inches long. Is a toddler too big for us?



Jane said:

Hello! I am Ergo user… been thinking about a switch. BUT, Baby is 6months old…at least 75cm now. Weighing about 9 plus 10KG… Should i get a standard or Toddler? He is sitting way above the Ergo i have now… So it’s very hard for him to slp… I.e. when he leand backwards, he cant get much of a support… please advise, thanks!

Mallory Garrigan

Mallory Garrigan said:

Thank you so much!! Wish they had this on their website, it’s hard to vision just dimensions.


Meaghan said:

Hi! I’m curious what the difference is between the standard carrier with the extender and the toddler carrier? Are you able to use the standard carrier with the extender instead of upgrading to the toddler carrier? Thanks!


Jun said:

Hihi, my girl just turned 1yo. She is 8.5kg and 71cm tall. Which one will be recommended?


Rae said:

Hello there, my son is just 4 months old. I was thinking of getting a tula toddler so when he gets bigger, we can use it all the way til toddler size and could save some money. Since babies grow so fast he could be 25 lbs anytime soon. he’s between 16-18lbs at this time I believe. Do you think it will work?


Kayla said:

Thank you so much for the pictures! My 25 month old daughter is almost 23 pounds and 33 inches. I was just going to buy extenders and call it a day, but I think the toddler one may evenly distribute her weight and be more comfortable for her as well, although the standard looks like she would have more free range of her arms – my daughter likes to have her arms over the upper strap.


devon said:

Very helpful blog post! My daughter has been in her tula carrier since birth (with insert) she is now 1 and 21 pounds. I will wait a few more months before upgrading thank you xx

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