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Tula Carrier: Standard vs. Toddler

The question I get most often in regards to the Tula baby carriers is whether to get a standard/baby size or a toddler one. I figured that it was high time for a blog post regarding this very issue as I'm sure there are more of you out there who are wondering the same thing.

The Tula website recommends not using the toddler size until your child is 18 months old and/or roughly 25 pounds. But many with bigger babies who are at the 20+ pound mark but not quite 18 months old yet are unsure about whether to go with the standard or get the toddler and presumably get more use out of it. Though the toddler carrier starts at 25 pounds, the baby one will still last you through til your child is over 40 pounds. I've taken some comparison photos using my daughter as the model so you can get a sense of the difference in the standard and toddler sizes on the same child.

standard vs toddler-web

Toddler Tula-5yrs

In this photo, my daughter is 22 months old, 25 lbs., and 33" tall. Though she fit comfortably in the standard and still had a decent "M" seat, the toddler Tula was a more comfortable fit and what I would choose in this situation. It felt much lighter carrying her weight in the toddler than it did in the standard. And then just for kicks, I tried my 5 year old on in it too. ;o) He wasn't so keen on being worn, but he definitely still fit and didn't feel horribly heavy in it (he is 40 lbs.).

For those who are into the specifics, I've laid the carriers on top of each other and taken their exact measurements. See photo below.

Overall, the Tula is a fantastic carrier and definitely my personal favourite. It comes in a wide range of fashionable and attractive prints, so there really is something for everyone. We receive shipments frequently, so if there is a print you have your eye on that you don't see available, please feel free to send me an email or message me through our Facebook page. I would love to help you find your dream Tula!

tula side by side

March 26, 2014 by 1
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Andra said:

So at what age/weight can you start using the standard Tula? How do you know if your baby is ready?


adminkat said:

If you use the Tula infant insert, you can use the standard Tula from newborn (7 lbs). Without the insert, you can start using the standard size when your baby has hit 15 lbs. You’ll know your baby is ready for the standard carrier without using the insert when you can get a proper M seat in the carrier. A proper M seat position is when baby’s knees are higher than their bottom.


Louise said:

My daughter is 13months old and 22pounds. I really want to get a Tula but not sure if I should get the standard one considering she hasn’t reached the recommended weight min for the toddler. Can she still use the Toddler Tula considering she is lighter and younger than recommendations?


admin said:

Hi Louise!
Is your daughter on the tall side? If she’s fairly tall for her age, then the toddler may fit. If she’s average to smaller in terms of height, the toddler will most likely be too big for her. It is significantly larger than the standard size and she may fall too low in the seat. In the photo above, my daughter was around 33" tall at the time, so perhaps if your daughter is around 31"+ in height, then if might work? However, the standard Tula fits up until 40 lbs so even if you got the standard, you would still get a lot of use out of it.


Katie said:

Great comparison !


Crystal said:

Hi! My baby is on the larger side and I want to get a Tula. I’m torn between the standard size and the toddler size. He’s about 21 pounds and 27/28 inches long but he’s only 4.5 months old. Is he still too young for the toddler? Is there an insert for the toddler size? What do you recommend?
Thank you!


admin said:

Crystal: the toddler size will be way too big for your baby. in order to have a safe and proper fit, you should go for the standard size. the infant insert was designed so that babies between 7-15 lbs could be worn in the standard size.


Cindi said:

I recently got a tula for my son and we can not get a good fit where he gets a deep enough seat. I was told to get a standard but now I’m thinking I need a toddler….he will be one this month and is 23lbs and about 33 inches…should I try to trade for a toddler?


admin said:

Cindi: if you’re finding that you’re not getting a deep enough seat in the standard, then i would give the toddler a try. my daughter was a similar height in the above photos, but she had a good seat in the standard as well as the toddler.

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