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Say "buh-bye" to Bounce and hello to a greener choice!

Use wool dryer balls instead of conventional dryer sheets to not only avoid chemicals (that are found on dryer sheets), but also reduce your drying time and thereby save on energy and $$$. Dryer balls can cut your drying time by 30-50%, decrease the amount of wrinkles in your clothes, and as they are unscented, they are great for those with scent sensitivities. You will need a minimum of 3 in your dryer to ensure that your load is balance and so that it promotes better circulation. And don't worry if your dryer balls start to pill after you use them. That means they're working!

Our dryer balls are handmade in Toronto, Canada, by Nurtured Sew Naturally and made with 100% wool.

We have the dryer balls in a variety of colours:

1) Cloudy Day - mix of cream, light and medium grey undyed wool

2) My Lil Tree Hugger - custom combo exclusively for our shop // mix of greens and blues on cream wool

3) Light It Up Blue - custom combo exclusively for our shop // this blue and white dryer ball is a special project that we are undertaking in support of autism awareness and research. For each Light It Up Blue wool dryer ball that you purchase, $1 will be donated to a local Autism Awareness charity. This is a cause that is very close to our hearts and we hope you will join us in raising funds for this worthy cause.