(Baby)Wearing in a Winter Wonderland

by Emma Cunningham, Babywearing Educator


Just when we thought winter almost behind us, cold and snow seem to be on the horizon yet again. What to do? Try to drive your umbrella stroller through the snow? Lug out the bigger stroller you haven’t touched since your baby was tiny…and even though it’s easier to use in the snow, dragging it on public transportation or squishing it into your already-stuffed car trunk is a major challenge. Babywearing has been your lifesaver so far, but how will you keep your little one warm in a carrier?

Well, I don’t know a ton about strollers, because I don’t have the patience for them, but I CAN tell you that babywearing in the winter is easy and as convenient as it is the rest of the year. You can strap on your carrier right on top of your jackets or snowsuits! Or, you can wear normal clothes, and then put your coat around the two of you together. And that gets my vote.

The Make My Belly Fit panel extender works to make your normal winter jacket fit both of you together during the colder months. It’s wonderful, because your combined body heat will make you snuggly and warm without adding any extra layers beyond what you’d normally need for that day’s weather, and bonus—if your baby falls asleep on the trip, you can take off your jacket without unwrapping him and leave him tucked up asleep on your chest.

Stay snuggly this winter. Don’t try to lug your stroller around if you don’t have to. All it takes is one small addition to your jacket, and you’re set to explore your Winter Wonderland.

BONUS: Still pregnant? Get a panel insert now! It snaps closed to make your regular winter coat work as a maternity coat, and then snaps back open to use with your baby once he makes his appearance. No need to shell out the extra change for a dedicated maternity coat if you don’t have to.

As pictured here, Mandy (who is 5 months pregnant) has the BellyFit panel zipped into her jacket with it snapped to the smallest setting. It's nearly a seamless look on her existing winter jacket and there's still room for growth through the spring! Then next winter, she will be able to use it to keep her new baby warm while on walks in her neighbourhood.

***Use the form below to enter our giveaway to win a BellyFit panel for yourself from the amazing folks at Make My Belly Fit (retail value $67.95 CAD)! 

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February 23, 2016 by Kathy Mo
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Kaitlyn Isaacs

Kaitlyn Isaacs said:

This looks great for wearing my 8 month old!


Kitty said:

… OOooo.. this is so good! Wish I have found this when I was pregnant and I didn’t have to buy extra jackets that didn’t fit right nor could use afterwards! So good for babywearing!

Mallorie Reid

Mallorie Reid said:

I love the versatility – that it can go from pregnancy to baby wearing and you don’t need to purchase a special (expensive!!) coat!

Jennifer Weir

Jennifer Weir said:

I would love to be able to snuggle my little one close and warm inside my own garment, while still looking nice. My current winter jacket doesn’t fit over us both, so I have to either not zip mine and just hold onto it, or else zip mine, bundle him and put the carrier over my jacket. Thank you, Kathy!


Marissa said:

Wish I had one of these when I was pregnant instead of the maternity coat I got!

Megan Drane

Megan Drane said:

I love that it can be used for both pregnancy and babywearing. I was very pregnant with my son at the beginning of winter. This would have helped. My coat is bigger so it fit me fairly good….but got really tight. Then the last week or so I don’t think I could do it up.


Nicole said:

Just started baby wearing on my 3rd daughter- would love to win this :)

Amanda Woodrow

Amanda Woodrow said:

This would be so much easier to bundle up baby on the walk to drop my oldest kids off to the bus!


Amanda said:

I really like that you don’t have to buy a whole new jacket – best feature of the panel, that is for sure!


Shannon said:

I love that it has adjustable elastics/snaps so that you can get a snug fit! Due in 7 days and with 3 ft of snow still this would be perfect!

Alison Johnston

Alison Johnston said:

I LOVE the versatility of the MMBF panel!!! During pregnancy and after while babywearing in your own coat is so much more comfortable than a pricey maternity jacket that you cant baby wear in!

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