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baby shower gift ideas

first comes the wave of bridal showers and weddings, and now ... the baby boom! three of my close friends are all due to have their first babies sometime between the end of august and the first week of september, which means three baby showers in close succession. as i was thinking through all the baby products that i've tried over the past 4.5 years and what i might like to gift to their babies, i decided to pull together a list of my personal favourites. in the event that, like me, you too are looking for baby shower gift ideas, i thought i would share with you my fave baby gift picks for any budget. 


1. classic muslin swaddles (aden + anais) • $18.50 (single) / $59 (4-pack)

these swaddles are so multi-purpose that you can use them for anything and everything and even beyond the newborn stage. when baby is newborn, you can use them to swaddle for sleep. they can also be used as a nursing cover, burp cloth, change pad cover or a stroller cover. as your child grows, they can use them as a light blanket.

2. reusable swim diaper (applecheeks) • $19

whether you choose to cloth diaper or not, a reusable swim diaper is a great item to have. it's user-friendly, good for the environment and for the wallet. you get a much better fit with this swim diaper than you would from one of those throwaway ones. plus, these look way cuter. *made in canada

3. sleep sac (wee urban) • $49.99

this luxurious sleep sac is made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. it's incredibly soft and can be used in any season. both my children slept with sleep sacs from 3 months of age until almost 3 years old. ensured that they stayed comfortable and cozy all night long. these come in four beautiful colours and designs. *made in canada

4. chocolate bar teether (jellystone designs) • $16.95

these teethers are a fun gift for any teething babe. they are made from 100% BPA-free silicone and fun for all ages.

5. baltic amber necklace or anklet (healing amber) • $13.99 (anklet)/$18.99 (necklace)

we don't go anywhere without our amber! baltic amber acts as a natural pain reliever and works great on our teething babe. at first i wasn't sure if it was having an affect on her...until we went on a 3 week family vacation and forgot it at home!!! she drooled like mad and was crankier than usual. needless to say, i searched the baby stores in vancouver for a replacement cuz we just couldn't wait until we got home.

6. silicone silly bib (ulubulu) • $11.99

these are my fave bibs and definitely a fave baby gift to give. they are made from food-grade silicone and are a dream to clean up. if you're anything like me, i often forget to wash the bib out immediately after a meal and don't remember until it's time for the next meal. no biggie with the silly bib. just wash, dry and go. it's particularly great for when you're camping or on holidays as you can wipe it up right away rather than carry around a fabric or nylon one that is dirty and damp.

7. boba 3g baby carrier • $139.95

we love baby wearing! while for newborn stage, i still prefer either a wrap like the Cuddly Wrap or a ring sling like a Sakura Bloom, once baby gets to about 3 months old and feels too heavy for extended wearing in a wrap or sling, the Boba is my carrier of choice. it's super comfortable and comes in fun prints and colours. the best thing about the boba vs. other soft structured carriers is that, if you want, you can use it starting from 7 lbs without having to buy an infant insert. just snap it down to shorten the body of the carrier and you're good to go!

8. stow-it-all diaper clutch (maxwell designs) • $34.00

this handy clutch is great for both cloth diapering and non-cloth diapering parents alike. great for those times when you don't want to lug your entire diaper bag out with you. it easily fits a few diaper changes, an extra set of clothes, and a small pack of wipes. it's got two water-resistant pockets, so you can even use the smaller outside pocket for your own essentials (i.e. keys, phone, cash, cards). once you're past the diaper stage, you can easily repurpose this bag to a mama clutch. *handmade in Canada

9. organic skin care (delish naturals / anointment) • from $6 to $14.99

nurture baby's skin with organic skin care products! both of these skin care lines are handmade right here in Canada; delish naturals is based in british columbia and anointment in new brunswick. some of our favourites: anointment's baby balm and soothing skin ointment, and delish's yum bum butter, body wash, and lotion. *handmade in Canada

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