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freshly picked moccasin review and giveaway!

i'm a bit of an etsy addict. i love handmade and i love small businesses. one of my latest obsessions is instagram. there's a great big lovely handmade artisan community on there and inevitably, clicking on one profile leads you down the rabbit hole and an hour later, you wondered where all that time went. it was during one of these browsing instagram times that i discovered freshly picked and their beautiful moccasins. this company was started by a mompreneur five years ago and has grown a huge following in that time (including celebs!). all her products are produced with great care in the USA. 

i wish i had known about these moccs when my kids were still babies. my youngest is 2.5 years old and i wasn't sure if she would be interested in wearing them. she's quite the picky fashionista. i was fortunate enough to receive a pair of moccasins for review, but had the difficult task of trying to figure out which colour to get. as i said, my girl is very picky. i settled on the radiant orchid moccs as her *fave* colour is purple. i figured it was a safe choice. the moccs were very quickly shipped off to me (same day!) and arrived in about a week. not too bad given that they had to cross the border. i opened up the box and showed them to my daughter. her first words: "oooh! they're super cute!" phew! unfortunately, i was so excited to order them that i didn't properly measure my daughter's foot and the size i picked is quite big on her. the bright side is that she will be able to wear these for a looooong time! ;o)

these moccs are made impeccably, they're "super cute" (to quote my daughter), and they stay on little feet well. if i had ordered the right size, i'm sure they'd stay on even better. 

freshly picked is very generously also giving away a pair of their moccasins to one of you! this giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada; however, Canadian residents will have to pay the shipping fee ($11.55 USD). the winner cannot have won any other giveaway including a pair of freshly picked moccasins within the last 60 days. giveaway closes on july 26th @ midnight (EST). good luck!



a Rafflecopter giveaway
July 18, 2014 by kathy m
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janet mcphee

janet mcphee said:


Jillian T

Jillian T said:

I would pick the Sprout or the Chocolate.


Carrie said:

I like steel!!

Ashley b

Ashley b said:

I love huckleberry sooo much!

Liberty T.

Liberty T. said:

I love all of the colors but I think if I could pick, I would choose Golden Rod!

Em Mahr

Em Mahr said:

I’d pick the weathered brown or the stone suede moccasins!


Erin said:

I would go with Huckleberry or Radiant Orchid – my daughter’s favourite colour is purple too!

Carrie e

Carrie e said:

Tough to decide! Probably the camo ones!


Kirsten said:

These are gorgeous! Would definitely choose a pink or purple-ly colour :)


Madison said:

Anything boyish! Ahh we want these!!

Sarah Griffin

Sarah Griffin said:

I would love a steel pair for my boys!

Ashley S

Ashley S said:

I’ve wanted a pair since my first was bitty! Thanks for the chance

kara kieran

kara kieran said:

Glacier. or Aruba. or Camo! I dont know!


Laura said:

Love these I saw them on Shark Tank. I would love Frosted Rose

Cassandra Rae

Cassandra Rae said:

Walnut :)


Shawn said:

I would pick Aruba :)


Jennifer said:

i’d love the walnut or goldenrod!

casey r

casey r said:

i’d love something neutral like brown!


cortney said:

glacier or steel!

Katy Emanuel

Katy Emanuel said:

I love sprout and glacier so would probably choose glacier if I won.


Courtney said:

Would love a pair in birch

Michele C

Michele C said:

I’d choose the camo!

Deb Chamberlain

Deb Chamberlain said:

I would choose the aqua ones and the cream with gold studs; beautiful.


Azam said:

I would choose Birch. Classic and timeless.


Tanille said:

I would pick rose gold or raspberry! They are all so cute!


Stephanie said:

Steel or neon pink!

Liliya Sadoma

Liliya Sadoma said:

Rose gold :)

Beaux randall

Beaux randall said:

Blue for my daughter named blueluxe!


Laura said:

Super cute! Aruba please!

Ashley b

Ashley b said:

I seriously love these! The new watermelon ones are crazy adorable!

Kasey Wiessinger

Kasey Wiessinger said:

How do you choose, they are all so adorable! Watermelon, raspberry, huckleberry, aruba – love!!!!!

Erin Ritter

Erin Ritter said:

I love them all but I think I would pick Platinum.

jenna d

jenna d said:

one of the metallics!


Liz said:

Those are super cute!!

Trisha Gallant

Trisha Gallant said:

Ahhh, so sweet! Imogen would totally rock Frosted Rose!


Jordan said:

I’d love a pair of radiant orchid!!


Copper said:

I’d be torn between their heirloom and watermelon moccs!


jill said:

Would love to win any color! Love Freshly Picked mocs!

Dan Jones

Dan Jones said:

Our daughter would love the Frosted Rose pair!

Maddison Stanton

Maddison Stanton said:

Neon pink or Aruba. I LOVE these!


Asha said:

I love the pineapple moccs!


Jocelyn said:

I love these mocs! I would choose the lime green ones for my little guy


Lynsie said:

Love your colour choice! What a great giveaway. I would love a pair of FP moccs for my daughter. I would probably choose a neutral colour.. or camo!

Niki Larson

Niki Larson said:

Love the purple.


Vivian said:



Michelle said:



Janet said:


Becky Hammons

Becky Hammons said:

Glacier (:


carly said:

I would choose Aruba or heirloom


Anita said:

Blush is so pretty or I would also pick Aruba. Such beautiful colours and it looks so soft. Since nayora currently refuses to wear shoes, hopefully these soft ones will be the beginning of a future shoe-a-holic!

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