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review: overnight cloth diapering

applecheeks envelope diaper in lemon zest

many inserts = good absorbency = puffy bum syndrome :o)

we finally did it! we are now officially cloth diapering our lil guy full-time! as i had mentioned before, overnights were our last hold out. we were worried that having a wet bum would interfere with nate's sleeping and, as any parent, we did not want anything causing him to wake up in the middle of the night. but we decided to give it a go and find something that would work for his heavy overnight wetting. ilana at applecheeks suggested their envelope cover with a three layer insert and a stay-dry booster. after doing the initial prep wash (3 x in hot water), i was ready to test it out on nate. first impressions: he looked awfully cute in his yellow applecheeks! we stuffed the cover with the three layer insert, the stay-dry booster, and the two layer bamboo booster. once it was all put together and on our boy's behind, it looked pretty bulky. it was hard to put his jammies on, but we managed to fasten all the snaps. fingers crossed that this first night would go well. we were pleasantly surprised when we woke the next morning and realized that nate didn't wake up overnight. when we went to change his diaper, there were no leaks and the bottom of his undershirt wasn't even damp. the applecheeks diaper, on the other hand, was quite heavy. eureka! looks like we've got a winner on our hands! now we just have to get at least one or two more to keep us going between washes. in the meantime, we've started using our bamboozle fitted diapers again for overnights when the applecheeks one is dirty. we pair the bamboozle with either a bummis super whisper wrap cover or athirsties cover. then we layer on a 4-layer hemp doubler insert and a fleece liner to keep moisture away from baby's bottom. this has also proved to be a good solution with no leaks, great absorbency, but the same bulkiness as experienced with applecheeks. looks like there is no way around the bulky factor if you want to ensure no leaks. on a side note, one of my favourite things about applecheeks is that they are a canadian company (based in montreal) and all their products are made there as well!
July 28, 2010 by 1
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